Thanks for the soil!

Hi everyone! We hope you are or have had lots of fun digging up your teabags and seeing what the aftermath of 60 days in soil will do to a teabag. Your soil is coming in thick and fast! So far we have 35 soil samples back and can’t wait to receive the remaining samples … Read more »

What’s in store for 2019?

Hi Tea-chers and budding soil scientists, TeaComposition Project video competition In 2019, we want to engage even more schools, students and future soil scientists. We have decided to run a video competition in 2019 where classes make a short soil-related video. It doesnt have to be fancy, our only requirement is that soil is the … Read more »

Five minutes with Dr Ed Jones

Hello budding soil scientists! It’s been a while, but we are back with an exciting interview with Dr Ed Jones. When you send your soil samples in at the end of the TeaComposition Project, Ed with the help of his students will profile your soil for several properties including pH, organic carbon and soil slaking. … Read more »

What’s in the box?

Hello schools! We hope you have received your kits in the mail and are ready to bury your teabags soon! Your kits have been prepared by myself (Chau) and Eugenia. We are both Senior Science Communicators at the University of Sydney. If you run into any problems along the way – chances are that we … Read more »