Thanks for the soil!

Hi everyone!

We hope you are or have had lots of fun digging up your teabags and seeing what the aftermath of 60 days in soil will do to a teabag.

Your soil is coming in thick and fast! So far we have 35 soil samples back and can’t wait to receive the remaining samples very soon! We are sending the first batch for analysis tomorrow and by the time Term 1 rolls around your results and the soil map will be updated on your schools page.

We have heard some amazing stories from some schools about their Teacomposition experience, from cockatoos raiding the teabags to wild weather washing the teabags away. We appreciate you letting us know your difficulties and please contact us if you are unsure what to do.

On behalf of the Teacomposition team, we want to wish you Happy holidays and have a restful break! We will be in touch in 2019 and can’t wait to share your results.

– Teacomposition project team.