What’s in store for 2019?

Hi Tea-chers and budding soil scientists,

TeaComposition Project video competition

In 2019, we want to engage even more schools, students and future soil scientists. We have decided to run a video competition in 2019 where classes make a short soil-related video. It doesnt have to be fancy, our only requirement is that soil is the star!

So what’s in it for you? Well the winning schools will receive a cash prize and a class visit by a Soil Scientist. They will help you perfprm the TeaComposition Project in September 2019 AND run some hands on workshops with you!

So if you’re a student or a teacher – keep this competition in mind! We will send out futher details Term 1, 2019!

If you’re not already involved but want to express your interest in the competition please contact science.alliance@sydney.edu.au.

REMINDER: Sending in your soil samples

We are starting to receive soil samples from you and we are so excited to get analysing in the lab. Since it is much more time efficient to do these analyses in big batches we are counting on you to send them in promptly! We can then update your schools pages and get you a tailored report from one of our Soil Scientists.

We look forward to receiving your soil!

-TeaComposition Project team